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Well. University starts in a matter of days, and I am finally, FINALLY, caving into continuing my writing. And I know most of my readers of "Red Like the string of Fate" will probably say 'You said that last year too.', the difference is, I have people who will help motivate me and get me on tract of my goals. Last year I was dealing with my mental health and self esteem. But I have passed that hurdle. And I am now in a different and happier path. Here's to a future of me continuing what I have started.

Apologize for my broken promises. I am back.

Thank you.
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Allen had mostly been unresponsive.


When Madam had asked him simple enough questions, he responded, but questions like, 'What were you doing out there?' and anything pertaining to the gravestone he sat by that night went unanswered. She decided, or rather after a couple of mistakes, not to trample on that side of the field for the moment to avoid Allen completely shutting her out.

On the night that Madam brought him home, the poor boy had suffered a high fever, she had foresaw it coming though; She took into account that the boy would've been outside much longer than what his frail body could handle. Thankfully, her skills as one of the best doctors had made Allen's recovery shorter than most fevers. Although it has been almost a week, the memory was still fresh in her mind.

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Ah, so here it is! First fanfic posted ever.

Somehow, out of all the prompts that I had listed, I ended up writing this crossover. I couldn't resist the idea of a Red haired Allen. >3>

The inspiration for this one are from the recent chapters of D.Gray-Man, it was revealed that Allen was a redhead, like stated in the last stanza, before Mana's death and curse. I had this sudden thought of Allen passing as Madam Red's son. I posted this story in AO3 also, feel free to click on the link provided below if you are more comfortable reading there!


If you are still here just click on the read more and be on your merry way! Hope you enjoy! :3

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May. 30th, 2013 11:55 pm
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School release: Five school days.

Animal Crossing:New Leaf release in Nine days.

I have decided to do a countdown on how many days of school I have left and on how many days there are until the released of Animal Crossing:New Leaf. It's a way for me to pass time and feel more at ease because I have been stressing and feeling more impatient lately.

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On June 6th, the school will finally release the herd of students that has been trapped inside for far too long now. I am amongst those sheep. This week has been spent agonizing of how my friends back in Illinois have already been released from school yesterday and are now probably huddling in their rooms and watching/playing God knows what.

I am currently despising my German class for the incompetence of my teacher on putting our German presentation projects almost the same week of Subjective finals. I don't know how he expects us to study for both the Finals and do his freakishly last minute project, but I hope he does not expect anything grand from us.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released in June 9th, and I am watching GameStop like a hawk due to the paranoia caused by the horror stories online of the store selling it to another customer despite how you have already put down money for a Pre-Order. I have ordered the limited edition 3DS XL for the game, it looks childish but childhood nostalgia wins this one. The day after I receive AC:NL will be my family and I's road trip to Nebraska, which will definitely be a rather lengthy journey but it gives me plenty of time to glue my eyes on my newly bought 3DS XL, although, I'll have to scan the internet for solutions on overcoming motion sickness so I can play without nauseating.

And I am also going off to see Washington's face. I'll probably be reminded of the Washington peace maker from Bioshock Infinite, which I absolutely despise fighting because it is just terrifying. ; _ ;

Also I will finally be able to start writing on here! Although maybe not only writing, because I am improving my drawing skills over the summer for sure, but then again, that is the purpose of making an art blog in Tumblr. And I am also still deciding what prompts I should write.

Anyway, Tschüs! I might also be able to write while in the car, so we'll see. :]
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It seems, I was able to go around and make a dreamwidth account.

We'll see if I can stay to my commitment of writing. :]


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